What Our Services Include

These are the styles that we frequently render our projects in. If there is a certain 'look' or subject matter that your project requires that is not included here, please feel free to inquire and we will be happy to see if we can provide what you need. Also please note that every project is unique and prices can vary accordingly, therefore the best way to gain the most accurate assessment of how much your project will cost will be to request a free quote.


Scientific Illustration

Scientific observation illustrated with technical proficiency.  Regardless of the organism or biological process you want illustrated, we can show your expertise in a visual format of your choosing. This can include content anywhere from informational to editorial media.  Whether it is two-dimensional illustration or three-dimensional modeling, we have the tools and skills necessary to accurately portray what you need.

Line Drawing

Line drawings are typically produced in grayscale or monochromatic formats to most cleanly define their subjects in a straightforward manner. As shown in the example above, they can include shading such as in the top zoom-in of the larynx, or can be rendered without shading, shown in the respiratory system on the bottom.

Flat Color

Flat color can be added to line drawings, or the drawing itself can be rendered in only flat colors depending on your preference. 'Flat color' refers to colors without gradient shading in order to give a simple and clear indication of the shape and color of the subject. These illustrations can be realistic or stylized depending on your needs.


Photorealistic rendering is the most time-consuming of the options we provide but can be well worth the investment. Our photorealistic illustrations can include 3D models if needed and as the name suggests, involve thorough rendering of lighting, textures, and color to give a look as true to life as possible.

Medical Illustration

Abstract concepts explained with visual demonstrations. Whether it is to further medical research or to teach patients and students, we provide original visualizations customized for your needs. We can portray your content as instructional step-by-step procedures, labeled detailed illustrations, or even animations to captivate and educate your audiences. Medical education, surgical procedures, pathologies and injuries, we cover them all.

Line Drawing

Our line drawings can also include minor tonal work in grayscale, in which we apply grayscale tones that are either flat or gradient to certain sections of the drawing to add points of focus.

Flat Color

Flat color drawings do not always need to have linework, but when they do we ensure that the color and look of the linework matches the look and feel of the flat colors used.


Regardless of the subject matter and whether it is macroscopic or microscopic, we strive to provide the realistic look that you may need for your project.

Technical Illustration

Technical precision for the accurate portrayal of products and technology. We render devices and diagrams according to the unique details and functions that need to be portrayed and understood to your audience.  These renderings can be used for marketing, instruction, advertising, or any purpose that is required for clear visual communication.

Line Drawing

Instruments and devices can be posed for aesthetics or rendered in a straightforward fashion to best portray the technical information.

Flat Color

Flat color can be added for additional clarity if needed, particularly for devices that are especially complex and require color for identification.

Acetabular Reamer.png


We also provide realistic renderings of devices, including 2D illustration and 3D digital models.

Charts and Diagrams

Conveying complex research content and procedures in the form of charts and diagrams is only one of many ways in which we can reach out to the audiences you wish you communicate with. Whether it is for scientific posters, research papers, patent applications, or other uses, we are happy to provide the visual communicators you need. 



Demonstrating a device or research through a diagram can be difficult unless conveyed simply and clearly, therefore we offer two-dimensional renderings in black and white or color to best show the information needed.



Three-dimensional renderings are also available if the diagram needs to be shown in a more dynamic and visually appealing way.


Scientific Poster

Displaying years of research condensed into a single poster is a daunting challenge that we are happy to assist with tackling. In addition to designing the poster's look and composition, we can also illustrate any figures or charts that you require.

Graphic Design

Impress your audience with your content and our visuals. We can bring your products to life and onto the market with the design and imagery that you need. Our visualizations encompass logos for brand building, website design for portfolios and companies, 3D sculpted models to show off the product or anatomy that you wish to display, and much more.



For information ready to be presented to the public to take home, we design brochures or handouts. This information can accompany visuals or be purely text, whatever is most suitable for you.


As visual representations of a business or organization, we provide strict focus and care toward logo design. With careful attention to the services and message of your business, you can entrust the design of your logo to us.

Package Design

In addition to designing flat templates with unique visuals for packages, we also provide three-dimensional digital renderings of the package assembled and ready for presentation.

Website Design

For clean and cohesive aesthetics, you can turn to us to present your content to the digital world. Whether it is from scratch in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, or built from Wordpress or Squarespace, we can create a website just right for you.

How to Hire Us

or email us at info@lumedia.org

All pricing is influenced by:

  1. Rendering style (ex: line vs. photorealistic)
  2. Quantity of illustrations or visualizations
  3. Two-dimensional versus three-dimensional imagery if applicable
  4. Number of subjects within the image(s) if applicable
  5. Amount of research required to accurately portray the image; can depend on the complexity of the subject
  6. Number of revisions needed for the final image; three rounds of revisions are allowed before we will need to increase the project budget if most of the image remains untouched. If major revisions are requested that require most of the project to be redone, then the project budget will automatically need to be increased.
  7. Printing and shipping, if needed
  8. Licensing. Single-use licenses will be priced at the lowest rates while exclusive rights will be priced the highest.