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Need to know how much it will cost to hire us?

Request a FREE quote from us so that we can most accurately assess the cost and time needed to complete your project.

References always help! If there is a specific research content or an image style that you would like to include in your project, please let us know. Any other details you can provide would be greatly helpful. The more we know about the project, the more accurate our quote will be. 

Proposal and Contract

Once the quote has been accepted and details about the project have been exchanged, we will draw up a proposal outlining what the illustrator will deliver, in addition to a contract outlining payment and delivery guidelines. The project will not enter production until the proposal and contract are signed by both parties: the client and the illustrator. Lumedia reserves the rights to use the completed deliverable for promotional purposes in its portfolio unless otherwise stated in the contract or non-disclosure agreement.


We prioritize transparency in payment and also provide various payment options. The main two options are paying per project or hourly.

Per Project

The rate will vary depending on project complexity. Please see our services page for more details about the types of projects we offer.

Payment can be made after the contract is signed or after final approval of the project is given. Regardless, payment is required before the final deliverable can be sent.

Pricing is influenced by:

  1. Rendering style (ex: line vs. photorealistic)
  2. Number of illustrations
  3. Two-dimensional versus three-dimensional imagery
  4. Number of subjects within the image(s)
  5. Amount of research required to accurately portray the image; can depend on the complexity of the subject
  6. Number of revisions needed for the final image; three rounds of revisions are allowed before we will need to increase the project budget if most of the image remains untouched. If major revisions are requested that require most of the project to be redone, then the project budget will automatically need to be increased.
  7. Printing and shipping, if needed
  8. Licensing. Single-use licenses will be priced at the lowest rates while exclusive rights will be priced the highest.


We offer a flat hourly rate as an option, in which the rate depends on the complexity of the project. Please contact us for a quote and details about the project so we can give you a projected hourly rate.

Payment is due upon completion of project milestones agreed upon between Lumedia and the client.

Hourly cost breakdown includes:

  • Meetings with you and your experts
  • Content research
  • Sketch production
  • Deliverable production
  • Revisions

Please be aware that for any project, whether it is being paid hourly or per project, that a RUSH FEE of at least 25% of the final cost of the project may be applied if ANY of the following conditions are met:

  1. The deadline is short enough to require longer hours than our normal working timeframe (i.e., over eight hours of production per day)
  2. The artist is forced to work over the weekend
  3. The project must be started and completed within the same day

Progress Draft

At least one progress draft will be sent to you for review and feedback on the direction of the project. These drafts are basically image captures of milestones completed during the project. They will vary in quality depending on the stage the project is in, and can be anywhere from a sketch, to linework, or nearly finished quality. 

This is the time to comment on aspects of the project that you would like changed or aspects that you would like to keep. The amount of progress drafts sent to you can vary depending on your needs and the timeline of the project. If you would like to see more or less progress drafts, please feel free to let us know your preference.

Approval or Revisions

Once the project has been completed by the illustrator, revisions can be made until the project is at a quality you are satisfied with--however the budget of the project may need to be increased depending on the number and extent of the revisions. Typically, three rounds of revisions are allowed before we will need to increase the project budget if the majority of the image remains untouched. Once you are satisfied with the quality of the product, you may give us your final approval for delivery of the image. After approval has been received, payment for the project will be due depending on the payment arrangements outlined in the contract. 

Final Deliverable

After receiving approval and payment, the final deliverable will be sent to you in your preferred file format. Our prices exclude costs for printing and shipping if you require the deliverable in a non-digital format.

Our Services

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