Packaging Redesign: Motion Sickness II

final illustration

Background Information

The design of a package could be the difference between a customer noticing a product on the shelf or bypassing it completely. The design should reflect the purpose of the product and portray it in an obvious and cohesive manner for the customer to be able to locate it, particularly with pharmaceutical products in which dozens of other similar packages surround it. This project is a focus on redesigning a pharmaceutical package for generic motion sickness medication.

Final Template of Chosen Redesign Concept

Project Goals

The purpose of this project was to take an existing package design and redesign it for added readability and prominence on the store shelf. The final product was to have an InDesign template, a 3D render, and a physically printed and assembled version of the redesigned packaging. Once the packaging was designed in InDesign and a template was created, I modeled the package in Autodesk 3ds Max. Images from the template were digitally mapped onto the box and the packages were composed, lit, and rendered. The final 3D illustration was composited in Adobe Photoshop. Finally the template was printed out from InDesign and assembled into a physical prototype of the redesigned box.


Portraying motion sickness through imagery that would be eye-catching but not jarring was one of the primary challenges. The packaging needed to be presented in a way for the customer to be able to readily identify the medication at a glance. Therefore, I decided to use contrasting colors but with lower saturation in order to draw interest to the packaging without looking harsh to the eye. I chose a 'travel' theme for the design since motion sickness medication is often used while traveling, and the original packaging itself named it 'travel sickness.' 



Date Started: 04/26/2014
Date Completed: 05/05/2014
Audience: General public
Materials: Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe InDesign
Final Deliverable: 11" x 8.5" illustration and template design



Original Packaging

Alternate Redesign Concept