Logo and Illustration Brand Building: AVX Bio

Business Card Design (Personal info removed)

Background Information

The branding for a business determines its image for the public and sets the tone for what services the business provides. In the case for this project, the business was AVX Bio, a startup company that focuses on Alzheimer's and heart disease. The company requested an illustration that could be used for their business branding that would convey their company's goal for researching and treating these two diseases.

Project Goals

The purpose of this project was to take an existing illustration created by another previously hired artist and redesign it. The new illustration required a cohesive design that would also include a heart, since the company focuses not only on Alzheimer's Disease but heart disease as well. The final product was to have an illustration that could be used in poster-sized advertisements for the company, as well as other types of branding like business cards. The creative director I collaborated with, Daniel Chen of CHEN&SMITH Creative Agency, also recommended that the company have a logo designed by us to help unify the brand. The company agreed, thus we also designed a vector logo to accompany the final illustration.


Portraying Alzheimer's and heart disease in a way that would be eye-catching and clear was one of the primary challenges of this project. The illustration needed to be presented in a way for the viewer to be able to readily associate the organs of focus at a glance. Therefore, I decided to use subtle lines to depict the form of the figure with high contrast and saturation in the brain and heart. The image needed to be portrayed in a gentle and hopeful way since AVX Bio is focused on research for treatment of these diseases. With continuous feedback from Dan, we were able to complete the illustration with positive reviews from our clients.

As for the logo, the design needed to be cohesive with the branding illustration. Both Dan and I drafted concepts for the logo, and under his direction we were able to choose a final concept that would portray the bridging of solutions to treat these two diseases. He drafted the typography and I rendered the final logo. Paired with the final illustration, the logo was received very well by our clients.

Final Logo Design in Grayscale and Color

Final Illustration



Date Started: 03/25/2016
Date Completed: 04/07/2016
Collaborator: Daniel Chen (Co-Owner and Creative Director of CHEN&SMITH)
Client: AVX Bio
Audience: General public and businesses
Materials: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Final Deliverable: Poster illustration, business card design, and vector logo