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Background Information

The branding for a business determines its image for the public and sets the tone for what services the business provides. In the case for this project, the business was Aviana Molecular Technologies LLC, a startup company that focuses on medical technology for disease detection. Aviana is particularly focused on point-of-care diagnostics with biosensors to detect certain infectious diseases.  This technology is meant to be easy to use and able to link via WiFi connection to a variety of internet-connecting devices to provide diagnostic information about the users health. It also emphasizes portability and accessibility to those in more rural or impoverished areas. The company requested a website to build their brand, in addition to logo design, illustrations, and a video to appeal to investors to fund their company.

Project Goals

The purpose of this project was to build the brand for Aviana Molecular Technologies and attract investors. In addition, they wanted illustrations for their technology as well as video content to help advertise on their website. The creative director I collaborated with, Daniel Chen of CHEN&SMITH Creative Agency, worked with me in directing design choices and choosing assets to use for the website. While I built the website, he provided continuous feedback for each stage of the project and was the contact point for the clients. 


The company insisted on a design that was simple, straightforward, and inviting for not only investors but also potential patients and users of the company's technology. Therefore, we endeavored to create a design that would be eye-catching for the investors with a clean and simple aesthetic that would be easy to navigate for general users. We decided on a gentle blue palette as a soothing color with key points of contrasting color to keep the design interesting. After many rounds of revisions and different choices of themes, we decided on the OnePress WordPress theme as our starting point for the website. We then extensively customized the theme and built in assets to suit the content that Aviana provided for us to include. The clients loved the work we produced, which can be found here:


Date Started: 05/09/2016
Date Completed: 06/02/2016
Collaborator: Daniel Chen (Co-Owner and Creative Director of CHEN&SMITH)
Audience: General public, investors, medical technology companies
Materials: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, WordPress
Final Deliverable: Website, logo, patent illustration, and video