We provide effective visualizations for accuracy and clarity in biomedical concepts in the name of education and improved quality of life for patients.



Demo Reel

Clear Communication

Our communication tools are produced in the form of animations, 2D and 3D visualizations, and interactive applications tailored to our clients' needs, from low health literacy populations to medical professionals.

Diverse Clientele

This business provides services to physicians who need complex medical content explained to their patients, caretakers who may need information to properly care for their patients, and hospitals who may also require educational material to communicate a certain procedure or therapy to a patient. These clients would need information translated and simplified into visual language that the patient can readily understand, a service that this business provides for them.

Education for Patient Care

The focus for this business is placed particularly on the patient care portion of this industry. By providing content that is made for patients who may have low health literacy, this business is able to reach out to those who may be suffering in health due to lack of comprehension of their disease or injury. Our focus and application is what sets us apart within the healthcare and art industries.